Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Emmett Blankett & The Prophecy of The Calamity


Emmett Blenkett, thirteen years old boy who lived in Manhattan along with his grandfather, doesn’t know that he’s destined to be somebody if he believes in his inner-self and the fate awaits him.

Farquhar Blenkett, the cobbler, always told his beloved grandson, the only bedtime story he has, the experiences he had and wrote it as old memories about the place called ‘The Nevertophia’. He kept telling Emmett about the great Nevertophian’s leaders, which is including the war between heaven and hell.  

Emmett absorbed every single word in that rustic black leathered book with the silver symbols of the Seven Holy Crest and the platinum ticket’s tagged to the book, as it’s written at his fingertips.

Emmett fantasized him as the famous Northam Broadway, a legendary wizard of its kind renowned as the Brighten, survived throughout the great adventures and the romance he had with his forbidden maiden known as Lady Virginia.

He dreamed that his adventures itself will be jotted down in the book like the one he had and get the attention from everybody like he wished for. That what inspired him five years ago but now he’s struggled for a better life, a real life of his. Manhattan is not the best place to be described as some of the residents suffered by the gap of wealthy and poverty.

It’s fun to read it when he was seven, but now, the book left un-opened locked in his grandfather’s black mahogany’s box that carve with unique star-shaped sign. The box was kept inside his grandfather’s wardrobe as hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by the pirate.

‘School’ aren’t the first place that across his mind as a place for him to hang out, release all his anger about the life he had, the tears he cried all night without the love and attention from his beloved parent, he don’t seem fit in after several fights when he was eleven. Surround with no friends except for his grandfather, who had no time for him. ‘Work’ makes them apart.  Manhattan was his playground since that day.

Emmett has to find the way, the right path to be somebody. Deep down inside, Nevertophia is craved for its believer to reveal the mysteries behind it. He’s indeed the chosen one, the blood is the token and the ticket is the pass to Nevertophia.

p/s: This was My first attempt to make a English Novel. Hope that everybody enjoy reading this 'Prologue'. please make a comment/s. Your kind view is what i pleased to hear. wink!

8 Komentar:

apezs shah said...

nak tgk kat mana ni long?

With Julia said...

wauu it was so impress me...
your written in english was so good...great hobby adam...hope this story will be publish in like a book..eheheh myb will be like JK Rowling author after this :)

Made Budi said...

a good prologue, just wondering....why he didn't live with his parent? but in my point of view, he become a guy who has spirit and more struggle in life which continually performed throughout his life. Well done sobat.

adamzico said...

apezs: tengok pe ye uchu?

adamzico said...

Julia: erm.. cuba untuk mencurahkan IDEA.. InsyaAllah.. Saya kan budak baru belajar.. wink!

adamzico said...

Made Budi: erm.. Ini baru Prologue ya sobat.. Nantikan seterusnya.. wink!

Nor said...

ha!~ smbg cepat2 sket~ xpayah tangguh lama2~~

adamzico said...

Ida.. hehe.. prologue la dulu.. mana leh sambunk terus cam tu ja.. kan!!

Dah baca ENTRY ni..?



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