Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Emmett Blanket : The Platinum Ticket to Polarace

Chapter One: The Platinum Ticket to Polarace

~@~ Nevertophia

‘Emmett! Is that you?’ The door opened from out side. Emmett pokes his head. He doesn’t think that his grandfather is at home, during this hour.
‘Granpa! You’re still in bed?’ He asked, run by his curiosities.
‘Got bad fever’ He nodded.
‘Bad fever?’ Emmett worried.
‘It’s cold outside. The temperature decreased to twenty nine degree.’ He continued. ‘Wear your thick green jacket!’ He suggested.  
‘Are you okay? Need my companion?’ Emmett sits beside him. Put his hand at his grandfather’s forehead.
‘It’s hot! You need to go to the shrink’ Emmett insisted.
‘No, I don’t want to! My time has come’ He grabbed Emmett’s right hand. His eyes narrowed and his skin looks so pale.
‘Don’t leave me alone!’ Emmett replied. The tears rush down to his cheeks. It’s unstoppable.
‘Don’t you dare to leave me’ Emmett Nodded.
‘Emmett..  My dear.. Listen!’ He tries to tell something. Something that is important for him and for Emmett.

Emmett gets closer. Try to gather every word spoke by Farquhar. He’s waiting in patience, give chances to Farquhar to breathing slowly. Again, he whispered something, the same story Emmett had and other new added thing such as the ticket, the one stated Polarace, the bloodline, the close relative he never know or meet, and also the Passage into the Nevertophia.

‘Granpa! Stop it! This is too far!’ Emmett can’t believe that within the life and death’s situations, his grandfather still want him to believe in Nevertophia.
‘Open your heart.. And start to believe!’ He keeps telling that again and again until his eyes closed. Its looks like he’s going to take a nap but there are no sign of breathing and his heart stop pounding.
‘Granpa! Oh dear. Granpa!!!’ He screams out his lungs.
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